Dr Andrea Johnson-Renshaw

Dr Andrea Johnson-Renshaw chose the career of clinical psychology when she was 16, was awarded her Honours Degree in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University in 1992 and then her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1997. She has 19 years of qualified experience working clinically with children and families in the NHS and continues to feel honoured to be invited into people’s lives.

She is registered with the Health & Care Professions Council and is chartered with the British Psychological Society.

Dr Andrea Johnson-Renshaw is an Accredited EMDR Practitioner (www.emdrassociation.org.uk) with extensive experience of working with adults and children experiencing post-traumatic stress, anxiety, fears and coping with adverse life experiences.

Dr Andrea Johnson-Renshaw is also trained in specialist parenting interventions and pro attachment interventions and is an Accredited Video Interaction Guider and Supervisor (www.videointeractionguidance.net).She has experience of providing consultation and training to colleagues and of providing clinical supervision.

Dr Andrea Johnson-Renshaw holds the post of Consultant Clinical Psychology Lead in the NHS and is delighted to also be dedicated to Time Psychology.